Sending demos to record labels as an "unsigned" artist
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Submit Demos, Songs or Music Videos to Major Record Label A&R Talent Scouts Looking For Unsigned Artists for Record Deals (Submitting All Styles of Music)


Pitch your demos to record labels for review by A&R Talent Scouts looking for new artists to sign to Record Deals; Open to; Musicians, Songwriters, Male / Female Singers, Rappers, Bands, Groups All Music Styles; Top 40, Rock, R&B, Rap, Hip Hop, Pop, Country, Bands / Groups, Drummer, Background Singers, Pianists, Keyboardists, Beat Makers, Composer, Lead / Rhythm / Acoustic Guitarists, Bassists needed for signed bands, Touring, Live Shows, Festivals and recording contracts.
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Sending demos to record labels as an "unsigned" artist
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Best places to send my demo. Where to Submit Your Demo to Record Companies; Who can shop my demo for a record deal? Submit Music, Songs, Lyrics, Demos, Musician Demo Reels To Record Labels Accepting Demos. All Music Styles Accepted; Alternative, Top 40, Pop, R&B, Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, Dance, Gospel, Christian, Country, Blues, Classical.
Current list of major record labels accepting demos. For demo shopping to record labels, Send Your EP, Finished Album, CD, WAV, Streaming Links or MP3 downloads.

Demo shopping your music to a record company does not have to be difficult task. You can even submit a demo for an audition with a record label.

Record Labels That Accept Demos!

(Demo Submissions For A Record Contracts) learn about how labels discover new artists, ask questions and get exclusive advice, You can find out more about Music Biz Etc. Record Labels by visiting Our Label website.

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